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The American Jujitsu Academy is committed to teaching Tactical Jujitsu; a system that blends concepts from traditional Jujitsu with techniques derived from Hakko-Ryu, Yoshitsune Waza, Daito-Ryu, and police tactics. The resulting system is focused on personal self-defense and can be executed by practitioners regardless of the individuals inherent size and strength. 

Shihan Dennis Winters
Dennis Winters

Dennis Winters has been actively involved in the martial arts for more than four decades, and holds the rank of Shihan in Yoshitsune Jujitsu. He has written articles for Black Belt Magazine, and served as Uke for Michael Depasquale Jr. in both books and magazine articles. Dennis originally trained under Michael Depasquale Sr. in the 1970s and 80s. During his twenty-five years of service in the field of law enforcement, Dennis spent fifteen years as a police tactics instructor, and six years in the protection field. Dennis is also a life member of International Federation of Jujitusans (IFOJJ).

Tony Elgin

Sensei Tony Elgin was born in Baltimore, MD and was actively involved in organized sports, particularly baseball until his mid-twenties. Sensei Tony started out with martial arts when he became involved with Tae Kwon Do; though he put his studies on hold once he and his wife had the first of their two sons. After moving to Delaware, Sensei Tony met Shihan Dennis Winters and began studying traditional and tactical Jujitsu under him. Since that time, Sensei Tony has continued to train at the American Jujitsu Academy, earning his Nidan rank in February of 2017.

Rich Stachura

Sensei Rich Stachura grew up in Piscataway, NJ and enjoyed many sports including wrestling. Sensei Rich was introduced to martial arts in 1977 by his science teacher who was Sensei Joe Conti who owned an Aikido dojo. Sensei Rich continued has studied multiple disciplines including Aikido, Isshin-Ryu karate, Aiki-jujitsu, Okinawan Kobudo (weapons), Shoot Fighting and Jujitsu. In 1997, he earned his Nidan in Isshin-Ryu karate.  In 2014, he earned his Shodan in Kara Ryu Budo. Sensei Rich earned his Shodan in Tactical Jujitsu from Sensei Winters in February of 2017.

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